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Meeting Aaron was the beginning of a process that has, over the last six months, transformed my mindstream such that a very close friend recently said to me with a smile: “You know, you've become a different Lucas!”

Life benefits

I’m now a more authentic person; I’m no longer perpetually trying to be something. I feel comfortable being that which I now know I am authentically.

I’ve also noticed a great increase in my equanimity towards phenomena – sensations, people, situations – giving me greater calm and clarity wherever I am about whatever I'm doing.

This in turn means I’m much more able to trust myself when making decisions; especially in that I know I'm making a decision consciously grounded in ethics.

I was previously extremely caught up in thoughts and beliefs to the extent that I was on the verge of ruining my life. I’d even been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and experienced long-lasting psychotic episodes (most likely due to past drug use) which still appear from time to time. The difference is that now, I recognise these thoughts, these dramas, these psychotic episodes for what they are, and so am unaffected by them.

Something for which I can't be thankful enough is that all of this has made me a happier person. My relationships have improved as a result and new ones have even formed which might not have, had I stayed as I was before. It's easier for people to be around me and, therefore, it's easier for me to benefit them too. While I am yet to achieve any of the enlightenment experiences mentioned on the Facets Of Being website, my life really has changed - genuinely.

Aaron’s personal qualities

This process would not have taken place so smoothly – indeed if at all – if not for the special personal qualities possessed by Aaron. His behaviour comes as a surprise when compared with that of the average person today.

I'm someone who gives much importance to active compassion. His patience, his acceptance of me as a person, despite my exhibiting some rather unenlightened qualities at times, and his genuine energy and enthusiasm about the process are all unprecedented in my experience. Looking back I would have thought someone could easily have become very annoyed with me at different times during the process, in a way that commonly leads to ending otherwise valuable relationships. However when Aaron read this testimonial the first time he was surprised I’d written this, saying he’d never experienced me in such a way at all!

Even when facing practical challenges in his own life he has dedicated very generous amounts of time to the planning and development of my spiritual progress. And, as far as I can tell, none of this is forced. It's all straight from the heart - selfless.

Aaron can be a lot of fun too. He’s very openminded and playful and has an outlandish sense of humour! This ensures the process doesn’t become overly serious or chore-like – it feels less like some linear set of tasks and more like an exciting exploration.  

No doubt these behavioural qualities can be traced to the wisdom arising from Aaron's own spiritual practice over many dedicated years.

Aaron’s way of working



Working with Aaron has been like having my own spiritual personal trainer and ‘spiritual friend’ as they say. I’ve worked closely with him as an athlete with a coach.

This means frequent exchange of information in both directions: regarding practices; regarding philosophy; pretty much anything in life.

He’s given me specific practices to do, but then I will often approach him with some kind of question and this will spark a process of explanation, implementing, checking, adjusting and re-implementing.

This is necessary because every person - hence, every practitioner - is different. It is as though we are all scattered across a landscape; to reach the spot marked 'X' we should each receive advice from the cartographer that takes into account our current respective locations.

Please also note that, due to Aaron moving away from my city almost immediately following our first meeting in person, this has all been achieved across distance.


I actually met Aaron through a friend three years ago, and we just exchanged messages online occasionally. Then about 6 months ago I asked him what his experience with meditation was. When I discovered he had dedicated a large chunk of his life to studying meditation and to spiritual practice, I was eager to meet him in person – to make some kind of connection.

I had thought our meeting would be an unorganised, directionless but enjoyable chat about meditation... and stuff. What actually followed was something like a guided tour of the major sites of the human mind (or really, Being !) and indeed, of the cosmos. Aaron took our meeting as an opportunity for us to do some serious, focused dharma work and I am forever thankful for this.

Since then he has helped me on my own path without asking for anything, and our ‘spiritual friendship’ has only grown in depth and usefulness

I was also interested to learn recently that he has waited 14 years since he gained certainty in his own realisations before he was willing to teach other people formally.

Increased practical faith in the possibility of enlightenment

Prior to meeting Aaron I was practicing as though, if I simply sat on my cushion every day and followed the instructions available to me through whatever channel, enlightenment might come to me – or it might not – but that my job was more or less to wait patiently. Don't get me wrong – patience is a virtue – but I now have more of a sense that I am indeed the captain of my fate. Not only that, I also feel the wind in my sails!

Through implementing the practices recommended to me by Aaron I have also developed a deep confidence in my ability to pursue the spiritual path to enlightenment and indeed, in the value of pursuing this path.
                                                                           Lucas, Customer Service Officer 

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“Aaron turned my understanding of my relationship to the world literally inside out. I gained a level of confidence in myself and my values I never had access to before... Amazingly, it all happened during one conversation. I didn’t just change my beliefs   I suddenly saw the world from a whole new perspective. It was a literal change in my perception.”

‘Ben’, Cafe Owner



“Aaron's compassion, humour, honesty and brilliant communication skills bring enlightenment and clarity to any conversation. Whenever I'm looking for counselling or spiritual guidance I know I can rely on him for insight that greatly enriches my life.”

                                                                                ‘Alexander, Massage Therapist




“He is effervescent, very wise and very giving. He cares for people a great deal. He invokes the spark in people.”

‘Lisa’, Event Co-ordinator



“Aaron possesses a rare blend of love-wisdom, creativity, humour and understanding. His friendly guidance has provided me with a continual source of comfort and challenge.”

‘Garth’, Acupuncturist



“I really admire the incredible commitment he's shown in following his heart's desire to benefit people in this way. I haven't always agreed with what he's had to say straight away, but the wisdom in it has almost always shown itself later.”

‘Robert’, Architect



“His openness, his spontaneity and his freedom-of-spirit have been a constant inspiration to me. He has been a great friend and adviser.”

‘Lauren’, Musician



“Aaron has shown me the true nature of love and commitment and the amazing power they have.”

Daniel’, Childcare Worker



Aaron is friendly and approachable. 
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